Speaking Confidence

How to Speak with Confidence in Public and Banish Your Camera Nerves

* Would you rather stick pins in your eyes than speak in public?

* Does the idea of speaking to camera and making a video for your business fill you with dread?

* Do you get that horrible sinking feeling at networking events when you have to stand and introduce yourself and your business?

Even though you are a confident, successful businesswoman, when it comes to any of the above your confidence goes out of the window. It’s not surprising really when you think that many people would rather die than speak in public!

Fear not though, help is at hand.

What can I expect?

For public speaking or camera confidence there are a range of ways we can work together which will depend on what you are looking to achieve.

Be assured though that our time together will be practical and fun. I will share with you key tools that will super-charge your confidence and provide the skills you need to start speaking about your business in a way that has clients knowing they have to work with you. I will also video you along the way so that you can see just how much progress you have made.

So whether you want to:

* Feel more confident at networking events

* Become an engaging speaker

* Make a video to promote your business or

* Learn how to be a good media guest

I can help you achieve your goal.

Why should I hire you?

During the past 30 years I’ve been helping businesswomen to boost their confidence in a variety of ways which have ranged from psychotherapy to seminars to 1:1 coaching and mentoring.

PSA logoAs a Member of the Professional Speaking Association, I have been paid as a guest and keynote speaker for many events over the years. I have also been a regular media guest for national BBC radio and TV. Clear, confident communication is my thing and I love seeing how quickly my clients make the shift from uber-nervous to super-confident.

Here are some comments from a few private clients


Michelle Wilmott, Business Club Director of I AM WOMAN, Monmouthshire:

Michelle Wilmott, I Am Woman, MonmouthshireMy confidence improved massively
I decided to work with Akasha because I was buying the Franchise for Monmouthshire I Am Woman and knew that I wanted to feel really confident when addressing a large group of business women. Even though I had experience of this in the past I wanted to make sure I was improving and not just standing still in my presentation style. Akasha had come highly recommended through a few sources so I was delighted she had time to work with me.  As soon as our work started Akasha highlighted a couple of areas that I wasn’t even aware of and that I was able to change immediately.  Through a series of Skype sessions I soon picked up practical tips and techniques so that my confidence improved massively.  I would highly recommend Akasha to anyone who feels a little or a lot nervous about introducing themselves, presenting, speaking or just wanting to up their game. Thank you Akasha

Mandy St. John Davey, Entrepreneur and Professional Property Investor

Mandy St. John DaveyI learned so much in our time together
I approached Akasha because I had several profile raising talks booked, and I needed to overcome my nerves and feel more confident about speaking and presenting. I immediately felt comfortable with Akasha who quickly tuned into what I needed and tailored everything to suit my personality and style.

I learned so much in our time together.  Akasha  not only taught me the importance of posture, breathing and voice control, she also gave me invaluable presentation tips and techniques. These even included how to increase the chance of business interest at the end of my presentation.  I ended the day with much more confidence, more ideas and a sharper, clearer presentation which has been of great benefit since.   If you need to be more confident and create an impact, I highly recommend that you work with Akasha. 

Steph Rickaby, Managing Director of Sunflower Accounts Ltd in Wiltshire.

Sunflower Accounts Ltd LogoWorking with Akasha exceeded all my expectations.
I was very nervous but at the end of our 1:1 masterclass my fear had gone and my confidence had increased hugely. Akasha video’d me several times so that I could see the improvement, and afterwards she even created a new presentation template with my logo so as to save me time! Akasha really went the extra mile, and if you have any concerns about presenting or speaking, I highly recommend her.

Jackie Eades, Founder and Managing Director of Briers Ltd, www.briersltd.co.uk

I’m still benefitting 
‘When I knew that I had a really important keynote presentation coming up, I was recommended to contact Akasha so that she could help me to sharpen my speaking skills and increase my confidence. Not only did she achieve this in our afternoon session, she also worked with my marketing manager to ensure that my content was clear, punchy and impactful.

The presentation was very well received, and I am still benefitting from the training as it is just as useful for one-to-one presentations as for a large audience. Not only was our time together beneficial and full of practical input, it was also enjoyable. So whatever help you need with speaking or presenting, I highly recommend talking to Akasha.’

OK, how can we work together?

Get in touch today and we can arrange a free 30 minute exploratory call. That way you can outline what you are looking for, and I can explain how I can help you achieve it.

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