Terms and Conditions

The following are my standard Terms and Conditions.


Payment for services is in advance of the ceremony and will normally include pre-ceremony discussions with the clients, preparation of and consultation about the ceremony content, travel and if necessary accommodation and subsistence expenses, and delivery of the ceremony.

Payment is phased in three stages,(1) a “save the date” deposit, (2) a preparation fee and (3) delivery fee and expenses.

Life mentoring

Life mentoring is provided on the following basis:

  • Mentoring: I will provide mentoring at dates, times and number of months that we agree in advance,  to be extended or renewed by agreement
  • Location: These sessions will take place by Skype or phone. All coaching calls and/or Skype calls are initiated and paid for by the mentee
  • Fee: The fee will be according to an agreed rate, always paid 48 hours in advance in pounds sterling and to reach me at least 48 hours in advance of the session, by credit card subscription using Paypal or by internet bank standing order, in order to obtain or retain the client’s slot in my mentoring schedule
  • Cancellation rights and requirements:
    • The client has 14 days from booking a project, or where applicable a free-standing, individual session that is not part of a project, in which to cancel the work that has been booked, and to receive a refund of money paid. Where work is to be delivered within the above 14 days, the client is asked to specifically request that such delivery occurs and consent to waive their right to a refund for the work in question. (UK Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, and EU legislation)
    • In addition to the above consumer right, and inclusive of that right, I also promise to refund any money paid for any upcoming work that a client wishes to cancel, provided that I have at least 48 hours’ notice before a booked session. Within the 48 hour period then, subject to the initial 14 day period referred to above, the session is payable whatever the reason for cancellation, unless I can find another time for the meeting
    • In the unusual event of a cancellation by the mentor, I will either re-schedule the session with the client and carry the amount forward to the next session or I will refund the client the money paid for the session
    • If for any reason a client does not use any of their sessions within a paid-for period, unless I receive a notice to cancel the remaining session(s) in that period the payment will not be refunded
  • Future bookings: At the end of a session we will agree the date, time and venue of the next session, and the mentee should keep a record of this, unless it has been agreed that the sessions have come to an end. I do not normally supply reminders of the booking.
  • Confidentiality: All mentoring is strictly confidential and subject to the code of ethics and practice of the Association for Coaching as stated below (see “Complaints procedure”). It is also subject to legal obligations to disclosure as stated below (See “Legal obligations to disclosure”). Please note that all notes of sessions and other meetings with mentees are kept securely and are not stored digitally.

Legal obligations to disclosure

If during mentoring or other work, evidence of illegal activity or the potential for harm to the client themselves or others is disclosed, I will inform the appropriate authorities and so be unable to continue to maintain complete client confidentiality. If possible and appropriate, this would be done with the client’s consent and permission.

Data Security and Privacy

I treat matters of data security and privacy with the utmost importance, in the same way that client confidentiality is treated. No data is passed to third parties except as according to this Terms and Conditions.

All personal details and notes of sessions and other meetings with clients are kept securely and are not stored digitally.

Website and email data matters are specifically addressed in my Privacy Policy here. This Privacy Policy is a consent-based policy. Acceptance of my Terms and Conditions also involves acceptance of this Privacy Policy.

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