Meet Akasha

What makes me tick?

I’m happy if you’re happy!

Now obviously that doesn’t mean that my happiness is dependent on you being happy, or if you are unhappy so am I.  It means that I am totally committed to working with you so that you live an engaged and fulfilled life which is shaped around great communication and rock-solid relationships.

Who am I?

If I were a stick of rock I’d have three things stamped inside:

•    Contribution
•    Integrity
•    Communication

And it would all be wrapped around with a healthy dose of humour and wisdom.

Why am I?

Probably because of early troubles I was always passionate about people and what makes us tick.
Having studied psychology as part of my senior career in Human Resources, I then went deeper throughout a 3 year training to become a psychotherapist.  It was also the start of an ongoing journey of personal growth

Part of that journey was also linked with additional training in stress management and emotional intelligence.  What I learnt about the connection between stress, illness and communication was a revelation that led me to create a unique training and executive mentoring program that was welcomed by numerous blue-chip companies.

3d man with ABC cubes

It also empowered me to change how I communicate and enabled me to work with thousands of people who achieved these ABC results at home and work:

•    Authentic Relationships
•    Brilliant health and wellbeing
•    Confident and strong connections

Marriages were saved, promotions achieved and new avenues explored.  They were happy, I was happy!

There’s so much more I could tell you but I really want the focus to be on how my mentoring skills can help you.  Equally I recognise that you need to know something about me before you decide if you want to invest your time and money in my expertise.

So if you have any questions please just email me, or we can book an exploratory 30 minute call (no charge).  That way I can hear what you are looking for and tell you whether I can help.

Speak soon.

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